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    Which electrical appliances are the transformers mainly used for?
    Date:2016-04-05 09:11


    Transformers are used in almost all electronic products. It is simple in principle but depending on the application (different uses)
            The winding process of the transformer will have different requirements. The functions of the transformer mainly include: voltage conversion, impedance transformation, isolation, voltage regulation (magnetic saturation transformer), etc. The core shape commonly used in transformers generally has E-type and C-type cores. In the power system, the status of the transformer is very important. Not only the required quantity is large, but also the performance is good. The operation is safe and reliable.
           High-frequency transformers and low-frequency transformers are the most important components of switching power supplies. The switching power supply generally adopts a half-bridge power conversion circuit. When working, two switching transistors are turned on to generate a high-frequency pulse wave of 100 kHz, and then stepped down by a high-frequency transformer to output a low-voltage alternating current, and each winding coil of the high-frequency transformer. The ratio of turns determines the amount of output voltage.
           There is no difference between the high-frequency transformer and the low-frequency transformer. However, the frequency of the high-frequency and low-frequency transformers is different. The core used in the transformer is different. The low-frequency transformer generally uses a high-permeability silicon steel sheet. The high-frequency transformer uses a high-frequency ferrite magnet. core.
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