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    Analyze the considerations of the inductor during use
    Date:2016-04-05 08:36
    1, pay attention to the wire (enamel wire, yarn package or bare wire), commonly used enameled wire. To find the most suitable line.
    2, the occasion of the use of the inductor
    Wet and dry, the temperature of the environment, high-frequency or low-frequency environment, the inductance should be expressed inductive, or impedance characteristics, etc., should pay attention.
    3, the frequency characteristics of the inductor
    At low frequencies, the inductor generally exhibits an inductive characteristic, which only functions to store energy and filter high frequencies. However, at high frequencies, its impedance characteristics are very obvious. There are energy consumption and heat, and the inductive effect is reduced. The high frequency characteristics of different inductors are different.
    4, the maximum current that the inductor design must withstand, and the corresponding heat.
    5. When using the magnetic ring, compare the magnetic ring part above to find the corresponding l value, and the corresponding material use range.
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